Life Of Mine
Life Of Mine
#17 - Helen Fitzroy

Helen Fitzroy is one incredible human. This is a truly inspirational listen that all miners need to hear, mostly because Helen is about having a “common sense” safer workplace.
After losing her husband to a mining accident in 1991 and becoming a widow with three kids, Helen’s has campaigned endlessly for workplace safety and still does to this day. She released her book “Just a Number” in 2003, where she recaps the 5 year period after her husband Steve’s death. Some of you may have been lucky enough to be present for one of her on-site presentations, where she tells her story and promotes a safer workplace.
Along with being a Keynote speaker all around the world, Helen also has a passion for mining paintings (which you may see scattered around Facebook). Check out the links to her website, book and paintings below.

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