Life Of Mine
Life Of Mine
#109: Entech Legends - Ken Miller

Welcome to the 2nd episode of the ENTECH LEGENDS series, proudly bought to you by the crew at Entech. If you are looking for an International Mining Consultant specialist, check them out at for all your Resource Geology, Mining Engineering, Geotechnical and Ventilation needs.

Ken Miller is an absolute Aussie mining legend. He had a well decorated 45 year career in the Underground Mining industry, working all over the country and throughout the world. Mt Isa, Kambalda, FIFO WA, Freeport and Bulgaria, Kenny has done it all. We attempted to condense his 45 year career into one episode, hence why this is a 3 hour marathon. It is also a very emotional interview in parts, where Kenny had some near misses and also lost mates due to Mining accidents throughout his career. You will gain plenty of Mining knowledge throughout this yarn and lot about maintaining a high standard of work. As Kenny said, “If it was worth doing something, it was worth doing it right”.

It was an absolute honour to interview Kenny and thanks very much for coming on mate. Sit back and enjoy everyone.

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