Money of Mine
Money of Mine
Why is MinRes Buying AZS to $4? Strickland and Wildcat’s Drillbit Success

We’re back in Perth and keen to actually talk about the mining news again. We’ve got as fair bit of catching up to do.


To start with, Wildcat stonkers continue. We talk bigger picture with Min Res joining the shareholder group.


Speaking of Min Res, what’s their plan buying Azure shares up to $4 while Gina already has a blocking stake?


Develop’s lithium endeavours grow as the Bill Spodubeament’s entity tips in to Lithium Plus’ (LPM) capital raising – with neighbouring tenure by Core Lithium’s Project


And finally, we discuss Strickland’s drillbit success amid other undeveloped gold company’s lack of investor appetite.


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(0:00) Preview

(0:12) IMARC Wrap-Up & Announcements

(9:17) Wildcat’s One Hundred And Eiggghty

(14:31) Azure climbs to $4 with MinRes Buying – What’s the Plan?

(23:15) Lithium Plus (LPM) raises and Develop (DVP) tips in

(30:59) Strickland Soars on Discovery

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