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Money of Mine
When Will the Copper Shortage We All Hear About Happen? With Ben Hooper

Today we sat down for a chat on all things copper Ben Hooper, of Sandfire, Glencore, BHP & Evolution experience.


We chatted through the full chain from copper in the ground, to the concentrator to the smelters & beyond. We also got into the importance of commodity traders as well as the direction of the supply/demand balance in the market.


Of course, we couldn’t let Ben go without getting him to share some contrarian views he has on the red metal!


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(0:00) Preview

(0:45) Intro

(6:03) Introduction to Ben Hooper

(7:50) When’s the copper price tick going to happen?

(9:48) Drivers of Copper demand

(11:40) What are the economic indicators to look out for?

(12:10) The supply story

(15:13) Where will additional supply come from?

(16:45) Have the disruptions of 2023 been an anomaly?

(18:10) What role does recycling play in the copper market?

(20:50) What’s the role of these mysterious commodity traders

(22:38) Interacting with Commodity Traders

(26:05) How Commodity Traders Can Structure Deals That “Screw” Miners

(31:15) Commodity Trader Margins at the expense of producers

(33:15) Difference in supply & demand concentrate vs metals

(34:15) How does the price charged by smelters change over time?

(35:15) Glencore, Trafigura, method of making money

(36:30) China’s role in the smelting market

(39:50) Why copper inventories isn’t a great metric to predict price any more

(40:45) How China-dominant is copper smelting versus other base metals?

(43:40) Is Ben a believer in the price bifurcation theory?

(45:40) Friedland on price bifurcation early

(47:11) Are we going to see more copper M&A?

(48:50) Gold companies buying copper!

(49:50) Is there a chance that this impending shortage doesn’t occur?

(52:37) Fallacy of forecasting demand from a climate target

(55:45) Scale of copper assets matters a lot – capex and scale!

(58:20) Under-rated vs over-rated

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