Money of Mine
Money of Mine
Trav tries another Activist Campaign + Who has the Most Interest in Azure’s Andover?

As we recover from Diggers, we dive back into the daily news rhythm. And today we cover some interesting territory. We kick things off in Matty’s favourite part of the country, Cobar. He asks Trav what “surety” means in the context of Polymetals’ ( Environmental Bond. Sheffield ( commence commissioning at their Thunderbird Mineral Sands Project. Trav tries his hand at some shareholder activism once again – this time it’s Gascoyne ( Auteco ( are in halt and Matty tries to guess what they could be buying. And Azure Minerals ( are also in halt as they respond to the media speculation of corporate interest from SQM.


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(0:00) Preview

(0:49) Introduction and Corrections

(5:07) Polymetals (POL) Environmental Bond Surety

(8:33) Sheffield (SFX) Commence Commissioning For Thunderbird

(11:49) Gascoyne (GCY) Royalty Dilemma – Activism Begins

(27:35) Auteco (AUT) in Halt, Buying Something?

(31:19) Azure Responds to Media Speculation

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