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Should we be like the All-Blacks regarding Safety? - with Adam Turns

Well this topic can only be described as “controversial” and “head turning” (FYI I agree with the controversial viewpoint)

Adam Turns from Symplexi recently presented at the AUSIMM Minesafe International conference, regarding “A Higher Standard Of Safety”. His topics and viewpoint pose the question “are we looking at safety in the complete opposite way to what we should be?”

Turnsy has been busy studying high performance Coaches and Organisations in regard to what makes them so successful. The guru’s he has taken a liking to have worked alongside successful organisations such as the New Zealand All-Black, Seattle Seahawks, Red Bull and many others. These individuals are:

Safety in the Mining industry is currently driven by Procedures (shitloads of them), Management and Executives. The general consensus of Turnsy’s research is that Culture and Standards in highly successful organisations (e.g. the All-Blacks), are driven by players and workforces (not the bosses). This BOTTOM-UP idea is a complete 180 compared to how we currently do things. So if such a framework can work everywhere else in the world, why can’t it work in Mining?

If you would like to get into contact with Adam Turns about this topic or to get him onto your mine site, email him at or alternatively message him on Linkedin via his profile ADAM TURNS

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