Money of Mine
Money of Mine
Sandstone potential M&A and Mount Gibson Printing Cash

The Money of Mine team couldn’t help but dig into some fascinating stories today, with quite a few to choose from.


We skim over Rio Tinto’s (RIO.asx) quarterly highlights as it relates to copper, then onto the surprising announcement at Peninsula Energy (PEN.asx) with their UEC deal being terminated.


Westgold (WGX.asx) selling their stake in Alto (AMX.asx) caught Matty’s eye, so he researched his way through the history of the sandstone region, as well as the buyer of the stake Horizon (HRN.asx) and their major shareholder, listed investment manager Zeta Resources (ZER.asx).


We picked up on some intriguing corporate activity at Rex Minerals (RXM.asx), who are looking to fund and develop the Hillside IOCG project in South Australia. Then, we shared a couple thoughts on the topic of Northern Star (NST.asx).


The final business we explored was iron ore player Mount Gibson Iron (MGX.asx), who have the Koolan Island asset off the Kimberley coast. It hasn’t always been plain sailing for MGX, but things seem to have turned a corner and their latest quarterly had some eye-catching numbers.


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(0:00) Video Preview

(0:26) Introduction

(1:14) Rio’s Copper Story

(2:35) Peninsula Energy & EUC Tear up Contract

(10:11) Westgold sell Alto stake to Horizon

(27:22) Rex Ready Themselves for Action

(31:04) What to Look for in Northern Stars Quarterly

(34:56) Mount Gibson Print Cash

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