Money of Mine
Money of Mine
Questioning Sayona’s Study & Speculating on Silver Lake M&A

Today we dive into Sayona’s (SYA.asx) NAL Carbonate Technical Study (not a PFS) and look back at the Leonora saga, now that St Barbara (SBM.asx) shareholders have approved the Leonora sale. There is speculation from The Australian that Silver Lake (SLR.asx) is looking for an alternative M&A target and we give our opinion on these, plus we throw in a couple of other possibilities.


Matty dials in with an update from the Gold Series over east. Rio Tinto (RIO.asx) is spending US$500 million on an underground copper development while Adriatic (ADT.asx) updates the market on progress at Vares (see progress video).


Also, shout out to the participants of Vinnies’ CEO Sleep Out: Westgold team, David Sun and Mark Ruston.


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(0:00) Preview
(0:17) Intro
(1:31) Vinnies CEO Sleepout
(2:57) Rio Tinto makes copper investment
(8:10) The SLR GMD SBM saga is over!
(23:25) Matty calls in from the East Coast
(30:40) Sayona Lithium releases ‘Preliminary Technical Study’
(38:57) Adriatic provides Vares project update

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