African Gold M&A is all GO!

We start the week chatting about the news that Perseus (PRU) has picked up 19.9% of Tanzanian gold developer OreCorp (ORR), tainting SilverCorp’s (SVM.t) plans for a smooth takeover.   On the theme of African gold, we touch on Tietto Minerals (TIE) target statement, including an Independent Expert Report highlighting that Zhaojin’s bid is not […]

Inside the AVZ Shareholder Vote

Money of Mine made an appearance at the much-anticipated AVZ AGM, which was set up for fire works with more directors up for elections than we’ve ever seen before.   We shared our thoughts on the numerous mining companies which have seen their exec remuneration packages voted against by shareholders, then pull apart the latest […]

Glencore buys Teck’s met coal assets while Atlantic Lithium bounces takeover

A brief word on the MinRes buying of Azure stock before we opened up on the continuing woes at Panoramic (PAN).   We had a detailed chat about Teck finally selling their metallurgical coal assets to a consortium made up predominantly by Glencore then onto Assore International’s rejected bid to takeout Atlantic Lithium (A11).   […]

More Azure Suitors? + Who’s getting the better deal: Allkem or Livent

Azure is getting bid well over $4/share so naturally that got us chatting today. Then, big news out of America that ExxonMobil is “becoming a lithium business”.   We touched on a rare earths IPO that counts both Gina Rinehart & Whitehaven Coal of all groups as shareholders then we broke down the Allkem/Livent merger […]

Delta Rattling the Tin for $70m + Why First Quantum’s Stock has Halved

Plenty to talk about this week with Delta Lithium (DLI) rattling the tin for a big $70m. We dissect the angle that ChrisGina have & what their true intentions with Delta are.   Infinity Lithium (INF) got a mention with the award of an €18.8m (A$31m) grant from the Spanish government to breath some life […]

NexGen receives local Environmental Approvals while Pantoro is handed a Lifeline

We had three deep dives to share today, starting with Delta Lithium’s (DLI) exploration results, where we hone in on whether the metallurgy will present any problems.   Next up we chat about NexGen Energy (NXG) who received provincial environmental assessment approvals, another step on the way to developing the Rook 1 uranium project.   […]

WIIILDCAT Rattles the Tin and Sayona’s “Strategic Review” Déjà vu?

We’re in November, which is in addition to being the month of moustaches, is AGM season. And we’ve got Ally GC in the hotseat to get us excited for it.   Wildcat (WC8) is out raising some funds for Tabba Tabba while Sayona (SYA) drops the “Strategic Review” phrase. We rapid fire look at Orecorp’s […]

Is Albemarle Bluffing? Chalice Changes, Quarterly Name & Shame

We’re back in the rhythm of the daily news and today we discuss whether we buy Albemarle’s public commentary on cooling M&A aspirations. We unpack our thoughts on Chalice’s Met Update to the market and apparent change in development strategy.   We are late to do our usual segment on late quarterlies but just because […]

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