Money of Mine
Money of Mine
Northern Star Spends Up For Super Pit - Bond 2.0?

We give the ASX lithium stocks a break for the day and focus on a number of different gold announcements, plus something to look out for on the ASX.


Northern Star (NST.asx) announced a huge $1.5B investment to expand the KCGM (aka the Super Pit) processing plant, while Gold Road (GOR.asx) gave an update from Gruyere. De Grey (DEG.asx) revealed an exploration expansion in a deal with Canadian-listed Novo Resources plus we take a close look at what ‘speeding ticket’ means in the market in the context of AW1.asx, and a couple of things to keep your eye on.


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(0:00) Video Preview
(0:22) Introduction
(2:06) Northern Star – KCGM Expansion
(14:50) Gold Road Guidance Downgrade
(16:40) De Grey Exploration Investment
(20:58) AW1 with an ASX Speeding Ticket – A Case Study
(27:54) Upcoming Interview Revealed

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