Money of Mine
Money of Mine
Luca Giacovazzi & Joel Turco Demystify Wyloo to the Rest of the World (Part 1)

We’re delighted to be able to provide the Money Miners with (as far as we know) the first full-length interview with Wyloo CEO Luca Giacovazzi and GM Strategy & BD Joel Turco.

This is the team behind the creative acquisitions of Noront Resources and Mincor Resources. Their deal creativity has extended to Hastings Technology Metals, Western Areas, Regis, and more.

Now the team is looking to translate their deal innovation into mining innovation as they become an integrated nickel producer with the completion of the acquisition of Mincor.


In this Part 1 we get the genesis behind Wyloo and what they are all about today. We go further into the commodities they’re excited by and the tools and their disposal.


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(0:00) Preview

(0:48) Introduction

(3:19) Luca Giacovazzi and Joel Turco Introduce themselves

(5:51) Wyloo Metals Insight and their Mandate

(8:28) Did Wyloo Consider Lithium?

(14:40) Wyloo’s Perspective on the Nickel Market

(31:43) Wyloo’s WA Nickel Sulphide Plans

(40:33) Does Downstream in Australia make sense?

(51:55) Wyloo’s thoughts on Rare Earths

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