We have the delight of being able to share today with the Money Miners a discussion with Doomberg!

For those unaware, Doomberg represent a small team of skilled analysts who through their substack newsletter write provocative and thought-provoking content in the macro, energy, finance, and economy-at-large space.


They consistently produce work that provides readers with a view that isn’t captured by the mainstream media, and on the back of this, they’ve been able to grow to a subscriber base of north of 175k subscribers.

We believe the discussion is well worth your time and encourage any engagement or feedback you have!


Doomberg Substack: https://doomberg.substack.com/

Doomberg Twitter: https://twitter.com/DoombergT


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All Money of Mine episodes are for informational purposes only and may contain forward-looking statements that may not eventuate. The co-hosts are not financial advisers and any views expressed are their opinion only. Please do your own research before making any investment decision or alternatively seek advice from a registered financial professional.


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(00:00) Preview
(00:37) Pre-Interview Introduction
(03:38) Welcoming Doomberg
(06:56) Doomberg does homework on Money of Mine
(07:31) Energy is Life
(11:44) Misconceptions in the Energy Market
(13:42) All things Nuclear Energy
(17:21) Uranium Price View
(29:39) Rebuttals to Nuclear Critiques
(31:35) Doomberg on Coal
(34:30) Private Markets and Coal
(38:02) Questioning Transition Assumptions
(42:11) Hybrids vs EVs
(44:25) Matty confuses global warming and the ozone hole
(49:00) Investing where can have influence
(51:17) Mass dissonance in society
(52:43) Views on DLE – Direct Lithium Extraction

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