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Life Of Mine
#97 - Rod Bridge and Dr Peter Waterman from Sideffect

Rod Bridge and Dr Peter Waterman are Directors of Sideffect, an organisation dedicated to saving lives and raising drug awareness.

Rod Bridge founded Sideffect as a result of the tragic death of his son, Preston Bridge in 2013. Preston had an adverse reaction to a synthetic form of LSD at the after party of his school Ball, aged of 16. Preston was given this drug by his friend, who purchased it on the Silk Road (the Dark web) from China for just $1.75.

Following this, Rod completed numerous trips to China, posing as a major drug trafficker in aid of finding out more information regarding the manufacturing and distribution of synthetic drugs. Rod is now an expert of the Drug Industry and dedicates his life to raising drug awareness for todays youth. His objective as he states, is to simply make sure “no one dies”.

Sideffect offers Presentations to Schools, Mine Sites and many other organisations that want to raise awareness of drug use. Book a presentation with Sideffect at (highly recommended).

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