Life Of Mine
Life Of Mine
#25 - Evan McKern from Arvista and Entech

Evan McKern is a Mining Engineer with 20 years in the game, covering a wide variety of Engineering and Management roles.
Evan has worked along side the crew at Entech since its conception and has been a part of many exciting projects. In 2012, he and Shane McLeay started the Aeriel and Terrestrial Surveying business Arvista. This business provides your general Mine Surveying services but its bread and butter lies in UAV aerial surveying.
In this episode, we go through Evan’s career and then venture in detail into the Arvista story. Surveying technology is heading down some very interesting avenues for both surface and underground and Evan’s gives us a good sneak peak into this.
You can contact Evan and the crew at Arvista via the following means:
website –
Phone – (08) 6189 1806
Facebook –
Linkedin –

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