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Life Of Mine
#133: TLT Turbo - Vent Fan Testing with Paul Michetti

Paul Michetti kindly joins us again for our 3rd TLT-Turbo Ventilation chat – Fan Testing.

TLT-Turbo are a global Ventilation Fan supplier that is now breathing air into Life Of Mine. Paul “The Fan Man” Michetti has 40 years experience in the ventilation industry and has been selling Vent Fans to the Mining industry for 25 of those years. Make sure you go back to episodes 120 and 123 to hear about Paul’s career in the Ventilation Industry and also Fan installations 101.

In this yarn we cover both lab and on-site testing for Primary and Secondary Ventilation Fans. Good yarn about the process that Fans go through before they get to your mine-site and also the testing done in-situ once they are installed.

If you would like to get in contact with Paul and TLT-Turbo Australia, head to and follow the contact prompts. Or you can alternatively contact Paul Michetti via email at


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