Life Of Mine
Life Of Mine
#121 - Mad Mumzie from ”Beers With a Miner Podcast”

Leanne Drew, aka Mad Mumzie, was the Pioneer of Mining Podcasts. She is an absolute legend and she came on to talk about her Mad Mumzie Podcast and Mining journey.

Check out her Podcast “Beers With a Miner” and all of her other links and resources listed below (including some of the episodes we referred to). She is like my new best friend, impossible not to bloody love her.


All Podcasts
Facebook page
Beers with a Miner Facebook group
Online Courses Hub
Episodes we spoke of:
Mining Terms you need to know with Mad Bazz
Old school 80’s mining in WA with MM’s Mum
Social Media Before Next of Kin
RIP Big T and lessons learned

Dr. John McIntosh on Black Lung, Medicals and fit for work
Jody Sainsbury Coal Train Driver

Louise Azzopardi Heavy Vehicle Mechanic

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