Life Of Mine
Life Of Mine
#116: Entech Legends - Martin Down

Welcome to another episode of the ENTECH LEGENDS series, proudly bought to you by the crew at Entech. If you are looking for an International Mining Consultant specialist, check them out at for all of your Resource Geology, Mining Engineering, Geotechnical and Ventilation needs.

Martin Down has recently retired from the Underground Mining industry, falling just a few years short of a 50 year career. His father was the Chief Accountant for Western Mining in Kambalda back in the 60s, which saw Martin find a career with WMC in the Mining industry. He worked all through Kambalda and spins plenty of intriguing yarns about Mining in the Nickel boom.

Martin was also a Shift Boss at Bronzewing and was heavily involved in the recovery efforts following the Backfill disaster in 2000, which saw 3 fatalities. This was a very emotional and powerful topic for Martin to open up on. It was a great tribute to the 3 Miners that passed, but also great recognition towards all the heroic Miners that were involved in the recovery.

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