Why are Aeris Struggling & is Lindian Moving too Quick?

We start today with a couple of shorter bits of news – Ramelius (RMS) going compulsory on Musgrave (MGV) plus a top shareholder selling down their Hastings (HAS) holding.   Then, Aeris (AIS) gets a deep dive as we explore there year from hell on what can be done to arrest the decline.   We […]

Should Whitehaven Buy Daunia & Blackwater?

Just two companies on the menu today, but boy did we get stuck into them.   Whitehaven (WHC) was first up as they’d confirmed their interest in purchasing two Queensland metallurgical coal assets in Daunia & Blackwater. This led us to going deep into all the ins and outs of WHC.   Our second story […]

Wildcat Flies, SLR Moves for Red5, Develop Scheme ‘Not Fair’

There were plenty of news drops late on Friday plus a load more today to keep us busy. First up is Wildcat (WC8) who have merged from suspension with lithium results that the market is loving. We provide an update on the Abyssinian 249D which went to a vote on Friday, then talk of another […]

More Twists for Leo Lithium & Greatland Gold Deferral Highlights on Importance of JV Control

We serve up four fascinating stories for the Money Miners, opening with what fundies around Australia are saying about the market, small caps, and commodities. Sigma Lithium (SGML.tsx), the Canadian-listed lithium, caught our eye by essentially announcing itself for sale which naturally had us chatting. Another overseas listed company, Greatland Gold (GGP.lse) was next up […]

Rusty the Rockstar Fundie on the Massive Issue No One Talks About

A few weeks ago we had the privilege of sitting down with Russell Delroy of Cottesloe-based Nero Resource Fund. Nero’s performance is stellar. But you don’t need us to tell you to pay attention when Rusty speaks.   In this conversation, we talked about one of the biggest issues plaguing our industry – to the […]

Ellison In, Flanagan Out at Delta Lithium – we Connect the Dots!

There were multiple fascinating stories for us to pick apart today.   First up, the big news of the day was at Delta Lithium (DLI), with their largest shareholder Mineral Resources (MIN) having inserted two people onto the board and David Flanagan leaving the company.   We received confirmation that Gina has picked up a […]

Setting the Record Straight on Chalice’s Study

First up today we discuss certain points put forward by Chalice Mining (CHN) on the back of our analysis to their much-anticipated scoping study. Tietto (TIE) was next up, having to retract their production schedule and African Down Under presentation having not released the relevant resource model, while Syrah (SYR) announced a loan commitment of […]

Joe Lowry tells us what he REALLY THINKS about everything Lithium

What an honour to interview the global “Legend of Lithium”, Joe Lowry. This bloke has been in the Lithium industry for 30 years and also hosts the Global Lithium Podcast. We chatted everything Lithium both within Australia and around the world. There is no better guru to take note from when looking at Lithium. Joe […]

Who is Shaking up the Liontown-Albemarle Marriage? & Uranium Mania!

We had a few interesting stories catch our eye today, with the Liontown (LTR) on-market action coming first up.   Then, it was on to Sandfire (SFR) with their contract award to Perenti (PRN), plus an outlook MATSA & Motheo and a gripe with equity research.   We round off with a recap of the […]

The Mining Investor Numerous Billionaires Trust

Today we had the pleasure of interviewing the great Warren Gilman in a “can’t-miss” interview.   Warren has a wealth of experience, having invested capital in the natural resource world on behalf of notable entrepreneurs including Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest, Li Ka Shing, Brett Blundy, Jack Cowin and John Singleton.   He previously managed CEF Holdings […]