Life of Mine is Born

As a mining professional, Matt Michael identified the needs and concerns of an underserved community. This desire to turn his passion into production was the catalyst for the Life Of Mine podcast. Utilizing his extensive experience, Matt made the objective of Life Of Mine to provide specific and usable information, tips and tricks but more so, to promote a safe, healthy and positive workplace for everyone.

Growing Pains

On paper, Matt appeared to be successful in his 20’s. Although, there were significant downfalls with money management, investing, social behaviours and his general attitude towards working in general. He was not alone. Because his experience was not uncommon, Matt wanted to provide real solutions for himself and his fellow colleagues, addressing concerns and talking points for everyone in underground mining—not just the higher-ups.This resulted in the launch of Life of Mine Podcast in May 2019. Since Life of Mine’s launch, Matt’s passion project has significantly grown in popularity, proving to play a vital role in the industry. Through shared experiences of himself and others, LOM is giving people a voice, helping people to make better choices around finances, health & safety and general workplace attitude.

Growing Pains

The backbone behind Matt’s Podcast success and overall life turnaround is his legendary wife Casey and his awesome kids. You will see Matt and Casey pretty regularly on the local WA pub lunch circuit in between podcast interviews.

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