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Video Podcast Packages

Life Of Mine Podcast develops Video Podcasts that are fully customisable to Client needs. We understand that each Company has individual goals when it comes to Marketing, and we aim to cater for this. The final product is available as both a Video interview on YouTube and an Audio Podcast on all available Podcast platforms (Spotify, Apple, Google, Stitcher, Castbox plus many more).
The services and benefits of a Video Podcast package (but not limited to) have been split up into PASSIVE, ACTIVE and POST PRODUCTION items, which are detailed below.
The PASSIVE items are the interview benefits that passively promote your company without coming across too “salesy”.
The ACTIVE items have a more direct reference to your company and activities during the interview.
The POST PRODUCTION items are the benefits and rights held by the Client over the final Video and Audio products.
As mentioned, all interview content and topics are fully customisable to the Client’s needs. This will all be discussed both before and during the interview to ensure the experience provides the maximum value to the Client.


o Life Of Mine Video Podcast episode with Sponsor and/or Company Representative distributed to all available Video and Audio platforms.
o Sharing/Display of any multimedia (photos, videos etc.) chosen by the Client during the interview which will then be incorporated into the Video Podcast (YouTube).
o Permanent Client logo display and back-linking on Life Of Mine website.
o Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram post “boost/sponsoring” to increase audience reach.


o Introduction and Conclusion advertisement presenting sponsorship with company name, company slogan and personal recommendation.
o Unlimited time within interview to generally promote Company and/or Services.
o Advertisement of current Employment Opportunities.
o Promotion of any upcoming products and/or services prior to release.


o Full editing rights to both Audio and Video content.
o Full usage rights and access to Final Video and Audio files (distributed to Client).
o Generation of micro-content at the Client’s request for marketing purposes (short/highlight videos for social media distribution).

Changes/Additions to the Standard Services will be discussed and agreed upon between Life Of Mine and the Client as required.
Final edited episodes will be distributed to the client for review prior to public release. No public release will occur until email consent has been sent from client to
[email protected]


The cost for completion of the above scope will be charged at the fixed rate of $4,950 (excl. GST), unless otherwise specified by a Life Of Mine Podcast representative.

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