#100: Mark Bowden – TAGGED OFF release

Episode 100

In this episode...

Episode #100 releases the long awaited TAGGED OFF website, www.taggedoff.com

This page will be dedicated to remembering deceased members of the Aussie Mining industry (both mining and non-mining related deaths). This concept opens up the door to all the members of the Mining industry that passed away from natural causes and allows them to be remembered as the true legends they were.

There will also be a Private Tagged Off Facebook page that will be the central location for sharing the website tributes and spinning some yarns about all the passed mining folk.

Firstly, thanks very much to Zooma Brand for pitching the initial idea, way back on episode #39 on Life Of Mine (and chipping in $500 for the project).

Secondly and very importantly, thanks very much to Mark Bowden for sponsoring the project (since it took 3 different website mobs to finally get the simple bloody thing done right). Bowdo is by far the most generous member of the Aussie mining industry that I have met to date and this project would not have been completed without him.

Lastly, thanks very much to everyone that donated to the intial GoFundMe page well over a year ago.

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